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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization "is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. The key to getting more traffic lies in integrating content with search engine optimization and social media marketing." AKA Getting free traffic from search engines.

Why is this important

Marketing and advertising on the internet cost from per click or per listing. A visitor finding your product from a search is free. We don't promise that we will make you number one in search engines for your products. We do guarantee that we will increase your traffic and search engine rankings. This done by giving the search engines our complete attention and targeting them for results.

Search Engine Optimization

Full spectrum SEO audit

We run over two dozen tests on the targeted page(s) and scan according to search engine requirements along with speed, and HTML compliance. This will test for all compatibility issues according to the "SEO periodic table". Also we will check smart device compatibility with your site. Making sure tags for them are properly included for best viewing on tablets and smart phones. We will address even the tiniest of website elements which may potentially be detrimental to the ranking-ability of your website.

SEO audit report and fix

The process of implementing the necessary changes as recommended by the SEO audit. These changes can be implemented by your webmaster or we can make the needed changes for you. Either way we go over every change with you before the process is completed.

SEO Details "what we do"
SEO Audit (Periodic Table)
SEO Audit
Pages are audited according to the SEO periodic table and becomes a testing standard for your site.
Keyword Research
Keyword Research
Don't worry about your keywords, we will do algorithm test to verify the keywords used are the best for your site content.
Content Optimization
Content Optimization
One of the most important things about your site getting a good ranking, is having fresh unique content.
Page Architecture
Page Architecture
Your site architecture is tested for any scripting or server side errors that could cost your site visitor.
HTML5 Error Check
HTML5 Error Check
All pages are updated and optimized to the HTML5 coding standards.
Google, Bing, Yahoo Compliance Check
Google Compliance Check
Compliance check for any problems with search engine spiders. All pages will be compliant and ready for search engines to crawl.
Social Media
Social Media Shares
Giving you the option to share and like your pages on Facebook and other social media sites.
Directory Submission
Serach Engine Optimized
We submit your site to quality directories that are related to your business online. Giving you lots of high value links back to boost your search engine listing results.
Search Engine Submissions
Search Engine Submissions
After the site has been optimized your pages will be hand submitted to all major search engines.
Busines Directory Listing
Business Listings
Professional business directory listings are hard to get placed in quickly. Google, Bing and Yahoo business listings are verified and or started.
Keyword Reports
Analytics Reports
Implementation of web statistics with Google and Bing to track and monitor all keyword entry pages.
Audit Compare
Audit compare
After the first audit is completed and we make changes, we then run a second scan. This is the report we present you with to verify the changes completed in detail.
Mobile Compatibility
Mobile compatibility
Website is checked and verified for any issues related to your site showing up properly on smart phones.
After this process is complete. We can stay active in the background sending your statistics reports and making changes as requested or needed. This service is a full audit with reports, we make corrections or changes then audit the set pages again. Giving you two results to compare and verify our work.
  1. Basic plan for SEO optimization 1 page plan. Small Businesss or personal website needing to get their traffic increased $200
  2. Second our 5 page SEO plan. This plan designed for a internet business that has multiple products or mid volume traffic. $800
  3. Our business plan, for a company that has several product lines and high traffic volume. Our team will audit and correct 50 pages and work with your marketing and advertising staff to coordinate proper keyword targeting for each product. $1,500

Our plans have NO contract or commitments. We suggest staying on top of search engine rankings by having someone on your staff monthly.

Example: Business abc with 500 pages or more, hires Your Name Space, Inc to manage 50 pages of their web site each month. This way the company has a vendor taking care of search engine concerns, instead of hiring a front end developer, and a SEO specialist. Which if your a business owner, you know that saves lots of money.

SEO Plans
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