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Who is PING?

PING our mascot

Our little feathery friend likes to call his self "Ping Gwinnn.." but we cant understand him so we just call him PING. Lucky for us he is pretty good at coding and is working hard on all the back-end with our staff. Creating API coding interactions can be a big job so he reminds our team of projects and goals the teams need to reach. On PINGS's page you will have access to his coming goals, notes, bookmarks, etc. He is a technical little guy and likes to have lots of references to the projects and ideas.

Requested Projects by PING: App store Game with of course, PING as the character.
(hahah keep dreaming ping and get a customer or two, then worry about playing the games)

Projects PING is working on now.

YNS Knowledge Base
Completed Knowledge Base
- Full customer service knowledge base (Q/A) for clients using our hosting, design / development, and or SEO services.
--Interactive Support ticketing system with MySql back-end.
--Completed tickets can be placed in the KB.
--Works inside our downloadable app.

- Login access for clients of all services allowing management of account.
-- Includes WHM API, Domain API, SEO API, SSL API.
-- Allow knowledge base and support ticket system integration.
-- Billing and account management access for PayPal and merchant services.

- Full spider application for the smart device allowing seo audits to be performed on any site and get a YNS SEO score.
-- App spider will crawl site using an algorithm matching the seo periodic table.
-- Give full detail on all issues and an overall (YNS) score based on the results.
-- App will allow user to save the audit on a YNS cloud.
-- Knowledge base access api intergration

Pings Tools and Bookmarks 
HTML5 Sheet
MX Toolbox
Service Worker Ready?
Google's Page Speed
Google Trends
Google Structural Data Test
Image Overlay Example
Affiliats & listing pages
Cable One Internet Service

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