Web Development and Design Standard Operating Procedure

Breaking the ice Web development and design workflow

We go by a very specific method when providing services for our clients. It all starts with 10 questions to establish how we can best help your company with the most effective development campaign.

This form will save time on gathering your needs and wants for your site. It gives us booth a reference about your personalized web site design request.

1) Tell us what it is your business does?
(Services or products you offer)

2) What do you want your site to accomplish?
(Increase onsite social interactions?, Brand awareness?, Increase store front sales?,Collect contact details?)

3) If this is a re design. What would you like brought over from your old site?
(What do you like or not like about your current site?)

4) Whats your average inbound leads off your current site?
(on average how many contacts do you get daily/weekly)

5) What makes your company stand out from the rest?
(Blog?,Social interactions?, Galleries?, Mobile site?)

6) What websites do you like?
(What do you like about them?)

7) Would you want your new site to be featured in our portfolio?
(If so would your company link back to Your Name Space, Inc in the footer?)

8) Do you have any business listings with Google or Bing? Are you using any analytic?
(Are your listings new, up to date? Would you want us to take set this up for you?)

9) How do you currently keep up with statistics?
(Number of sales, traffic, social media, mailing list sign ups?)

10) Have you hired a web developer before?
(Are you experienced with web development and or comfortable working with computers?)

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