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Your Name Space, Inc is the latest IT service company by Scott Riggs (resume). Created in 2017 offering web design, search engine optimization, and consulting. Our purpose is to provide a professional service to our clients with 100% accuracy and satisfaction.

(15% of all profits at Your Name Space, Inc will be contributed to Donate Life )

Our site is up and running, but in the background were still working hard on getting everything together. We are looking at a Christmas 2017 grand opening. However we still do work on some projects part time. Don't hesitate to give us a call, your site could possibly by one our team picks to do for free. We currently have three active projects we are working on as volunteer service.

About our CEO

Our CEO Scott Riggs In 1999, James Rogers from LinuxWebHost.com hired Scott as a Linux Support Tech. He worked his way to Network Admin while at LinuxWebHost.com and took the skills learned there to create JavaPie a Linux based web hosting company. Selling JavaPie In 2001 to CRG Ent he stayed on staff as a Network Admin for for several months. Then after moving, he partnered with Kendal Berry at EasyServe Inc as a Network Admin / Developer where he worked on many projects for development along with providing consulting to many small business. In 2005 he joined the US Army as an Infantryman 11c and was enlisted for 10 years until April 2016.

Certificates for 2017 (Always a good idea to test your skills.)

Network Administrator

EasyServe Inc
Managed client sites with Dreamweaver for web design and custom scripting in PHP, HTML, and CSS. Managed Linux servers via SSH for routine maintenance, backups, and upgrades. Worked with bash scripting and cron jobs to maintain system security and redundancy. Created the payment API for auto billing and account setup. Installed Linux Red Hat on servers, after I built the systems and installed them at the NOC.

Network System Technician

Provided technical assistance for Linux hosting clients. Managed firewalls, server security, MySQL database configuration, server backups and installs. Other experiences include Local Exchange, MYSQL, Active Directory services, multi-platform environments, remote access (SSH, SFTP), LANs, WANs and VPNs.

Owner / Creator

Javapie LLC
Offered secure Linux hosting and web development service. Gained over 2,000 clients in a six month period after launching advertisement. Daily routine was working in a Linux shell and Dreamweaver doing server side customer maintenance.

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